Show Notes for Episode 16 of Riding To Excellence: Optimizing Gut Health Through Nutrition

On Episode 16 of the Riding to Excellence Podcast we kick off a two-part series on how to optimize your equine athlete’s gut health through nutrition!

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At Energy Equine we host a Sports Therapy Lecture Series and our January lecture focused on hindgut ulcers. Dr. Chad Hewlett and Dr. Travis Kelter presented on nutrition and how proper management and maintenance of your equine athlete’s nutrition can optimize your horse’s overall health, but also strengthen their digestive tract.

Today’s episode focuses on the anatomy of the hindgut, the transit time of food through the horse’s digestive tract, as well as the volume of the different segments of the digestive tract. From there we discuss the process of fermentation and why it is so key for the performance horse. Then we finish off the bulk of the interview by discussing forage and feeding protocols.

Stay tuned for the next episode which will focus on the different ways to supplement for gut health, and what we recommend and what we don’t.

To follow along with the presentation from Saturday’s event, view the images below: