Wellness Plans

We believe in whole health of the horse, offering flexible Wellness Plans to our Clients provides an opportunity to keep your horse at its best without breaking the bank.

Why a Wellness Plan?

We all have the best intentions for our much loved equines, but we know that real life can get in the way of our passion. With the Energy Equine Wellness Plans, you can spread out the cost of routine maintenance over the year to make it affordable and convenient. And we won’t leave you hanging! You will get reminders of services so to keep your horse on track for wellness. Our pledge as part of you equine care team is to ensure that your horse receives the best of care consistently, and overall wellness is key to the maintenance and longevity of our prized possessions.

In addition to the base Wellness plans, you can choose to include Core Balance nutrition.

We feel strongly that a horse’s diet sets him up for success. This is why we chose to carry the Core Balance line of equine nutrition. Not only are the ingredient levels backed by scientific research, but the no filler formulas ensure that your money is going where your horse’s mouth is. The Core Balance nutrition products are selectable based on the type of hay you feed, as well as whether you want to add joint support to their daily regime. Imagine, everything in one scoop, and at the scientifically proven levels…

                    Could it be any simpler?


For more information on the plans such as specifics and pricing- please contact us here