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"The earth would be nothing without the people, but the man would be nothing without the horse."

~ Author Unknown

Soundness Evaluation

We often hear "My horse seems off", or "I think he's sore in front, but can't tell which leg", or "She's just not leaving the gate like she used to". Horse owners are very in tune to their partners, but pin pointing the exact issue usually takes a trained eye, experience and an ability to break down the movement. In a Soundness Evaluation, we are able to observe the horse through movement and flexing to help us identify areas of concern to focus on. The process will help narrow down the actual point of lameness, and from there a comprehensive treatment plan can be explored.

Regenerative Therapy

Our clinic is able to offer several methods of treatment to a wide range of injuries. These include PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma, IRAP, and Stem Cells. Science has advanced technology with the application of using the body to heal itself. We have used these therapies successfully and are confident and proud to be able to offer them when and where the situation would benefit most. All options are discussed at length with the veterinarian in order to proceed with the client having full knowledge of the process and expected outcome.

Sports Medicine

In addition to the Regenerative Therapy options, our Sports Therapy focus includes treating soundness issues with joint injections, rehabilitation programs, acupuncture and Shockwave Therapy. Again, the veterinarian will ensure that the client is aware of the options available to their Horse and what an expected outcome would be. Our goal is to have your horse in the soundest state possible to give you that competitive edge in whatever you do.

Health and Maintenance

It is said that the soundness of the horse requires full body synchronicity. Within this, it’s appropriate to say that providing your horse with regular health and maintenance checks keeps them feeling their best, and also keeps you in the know of their condition. We offer full sampling and laboratory services including fecal sample testing for parasite counts. We are also proud to offer the dentistry services of Allie Lait, EqD, RVT, Dr. Kasara Toth and Dr. Jessica Romanow. Regular floats are highly beneficial to keeping our equines healthy. In the clinic, we carry a selection of products that we believe in, and in addition to that we are a retail location for the Back on Track Equine, Human and Canine products.

Nutrition Services

The foundation to any horse’s health is nutrition. Proper nutrition is essential to ensure success in keeping them healthy and performing at their best, and to allow them the ability to recover and utilize treatments to their maximum advantage. We offer consultations as well as hay sampling to better help you understand what your horse may be missing in his diet that could help with underlying issues. Your horse has a story to tell, let us help you understand it.

Wellness Plans

We believe in whole health of the horse, offering flexible Wellness Plans to our Clients provides an opportunity to keep your horse at its best without breaking the bank.

Why a Wellness Plan?

We all have the best intentions for our much loved equines, but we know that real life can get in the way of our passion. With the Energy Equine Wellness Plans, you can spread out the cost of routine maintenance over the year to make it affordable and convenient. And we won't leave you hanging! You will get reminders of services so to keep your horse on track for wellness. Our pledge as part of you equine care team is to ensure that your horse receives the best of care consistently, and overall wellness is key to the maintenance and longevity of our prized possessions.

In addition to the base Wellness plans, you can choose to include Core Balance nutrition.

We feel strongly that a horse’s diet sets him up for success. This is why we chose to carry the Core Balance line of equine nutrition. Not only are the ingredient levels backed by scientific research, but the no filler formulas ensure that your money is going where your horse’s mouth is. The Core Balance nutrition products are selectable based on the type of hay you feed, as well as whether you want to add joint support to their daily regime. Imagine, everything in one scoop, and at the scientifically proven levels...

Could it be any simpler?

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Product Features

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Back On Track: Welltex

Back On Track uses WELLTEX fabric to apply FAR-Infrared therapy to the user. With the ability to increase circulation, when applied to an area of soreness or injury, Back On Track can aid with the healing process and leave your horse, and yourself, feeling better faster. The products are designed for each part of the horse so to be effective in recovery from injury, or just used as a pre or post therapy for efficient muscle recovery. We believe that Back On Track is beneficial to all equine athletes and their riders.

Core Balance

Core Balance is a comprehensive equine supplement. The purpose is to supply the equine with the appropriate nutrition at the recommended levels, in one scoop. In addition to the training and developmental formulas, Core Motion, Core Builder and Core Calmer are complementary products manufactured with human grade ingredients for specific needs such as muscle development, joint health and mental support. As a veterinary practice, Energy Equine stands behind Core Balance, as it provides a fully rounded source of nutrition with the required essential amino acids to ensure that your horse is getting the most from what you are feeding.

BIOGEL Anjon Animal Heath

BIOGEL is a unique compound of all natural organic herbs and minerals that’s proven to speed healing of wounds, reduce inflammation and scarring, and kill bacteria.
+ Proven to kill most bacterial and fungal pathogens while providing cooling desensitizing.
+ All natural organic herbs and minerals that contain no antibiotics or steroids.
+ Veterinarian tested and approved.
+ Promotes the regeneration and rehabilitation of cell tissue encouraging rapid wound healing. Effective on bites, burns, cuts, skin abrasions, abscesses, ulcerations, skin rashes, hot spots, cinch fungus, topical fungal infections, scratches, hives and allergic reactions, and surgical incisions.


Soft-Ride's patented and interchangeable gel orthotics are the heart of the Soft-Ride system. Our gel orthotics conform to and support the sole of the hoof and the hoof wall on shod and unshod feet, providing unparalleled comfort for your horse. Soft-Ride Boots in sizes 2 through 7 include a pair of the standard, turquoise orthotics; size 8 through 10 boots include a pair of purple orthotics. Replacement or specialty orthotics are available and can be purchased in pairs.

Equine Choice Probiotics

Equine Choice Generation 2 Pre and Pro Biotics restore and replenish digestive enzymes and bacteria, returning the horse to its healthy digestive process...naturally! Generation 2 now has gut healing amino acids, B-Vitamins and strong PreBiotics for natural digestive healing and health.

Canpressco- Camelina Oil

We have chosen to carry Canpressco in our clinic because its balanced omega profile offers a complete overall benefit to the horse.
The value of this oilseed lies within its unique fatty acid composition. Fatty Acids are the nutritional components of oils and fats. There are two types of fatty acids that are labelled “essential” because they must be acquired through the diet. Human and horses both can't synthesize them on their own. These two essential fatty acids (EFAs) are linoleic acid (LA which is synthesized into Omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA which is synthesized into Omega-3).