Core Balance Training Formula


Today’s supplementing program needs to parallel the increasing standards of competition. The emphasis on nutrition has become more important than ever in maintaining a competitive edge with performance disciplines. The Training Formulas offer a complete and scientific solution to the nutritional guessing game. One of the most important aspects of the Core Balance Formulas is the careful calculation of the 3 essential amino acids. If the 3 essential amino acids are not at high enough levels, the horse is unable to utilize it’s nutrition and build quality proteins. Branch chain amino acids first require these 3 essential amino acids to be at high enough levels in order to work. When branch chain amino acids are not activated, lactic acid builds up in the joints and compromises the recovery process. The Training Formulas are properly balanced formulations consisting of everything your equine athlete needs in just one bucket and specifically designed for overall health of your horse including vitamins, minerals, joints, electrolytes, hoof health, immune support, and digestive system protection. Training Formulas are offered in either Alfalfa Blend or Grass Hay Only Formula to match your horse’s specific forage program.



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