Core Balance Development Formula


With the demands of today’s rigorous competition, it’s imperative to support your equine athlete from inception through the growing stages. The Developmental Formulas are designed to build and maintain that strong equine foundation for broodmares, foals and stallions. Your broodmares and recipient mares need to be on the Developmental Formula when breeding commences. Balancing ration formulations in estrus, growth and maturation is crucial in the prevention of increasingly occurring developmental orthopedic diseases. There is significant research to support nutrition holding the greatest promise for reducing the severity and instance of developmental orthopedic diseases due to it being the only factor under direct control. Developmental Formulas are devised to properly balance the sensitive calcium:phosphorus ratio. If an imbalance occurs, it will impair proper growth, which will lead to skeletal malformations, poor growth and muscle disorders. Just imagine, all of this peace of mind can be delivered with just two scoops a day.



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