New Product Alert: Equilume Light Masks

At Energy Equine Veterinary Services, when we bring a product into the clinic, we want to ensure it meets the needs of our clients. Many of you reading this are in the business of performance – whether that’s sliding, stopping, turning, jumping or cantering – and most of you have struggled with the dreaded hairing up that occurs when the days begin to shorten. For our snow birds, we know the struggle of taking a fuzzy pony state-side to +25 degrees. Not only are they shaggy compared to their slicked off competitive counter parts, but they can also be uncomfortable and risk over heating. So what if we brought in a product that allowed your horse to keep their shining, sleek coat year-round, with the added physical benefits of blue light therapy?

Enter: Equilume Light Masks.

Equilume is based in Ireland and is a world leader in the research and development of light therapy solutions. The company began as an answer for breeding facilities. The traditional method to ensure a mare can cycle earlier in the season is to have them “under lights” – having timed lights on to mimic daylight. The same method is employed to extend the optimum season of fertility for stallions. Bringing horses in can come with a host of issues, perhaps the horse has a neurosis in regards to stalling, it also decreases their time outside and in a natural environment. The human aspect of it also means that someone always has to be available to bring the horses in, muck the stalls and bed the stalls each day.

The Equilume Light Mask was born to remedy these issues. An easy-to-wear mask equipped with a high efficiency precision blue light LED array with light diffuser. The mask effectively delivers all the benefits associated with long summer days. The eyecup is waterproof, so horses can be kept outside 24/7 with the masks on, mimicking daylight while decreasing stabling and bedding costs. The blue light is delivered at a specific wavelength atomically each day, no drugs or hormones involved, just gentle light therapy.

The positive implications are vast. For broodmares, not only are their breeding seasons advances but studies have proven that mares are happier living outside, and happy mares have overall greater success rates in pregnancy. For stallions, the mask advances and extends the season of optimum fertility for stallions. Blue light therapy optimizes foal growth in utero for improved health and strength, as well as increases post foaling fertility.

For the performance horse, the Equilume stimulates and maintains optimum coat condition easily and effectively. For those of you hauling performance horse mares that you are pulling embryo’s on, you know the struggle of syncing late cycles with your veterinarian’s schedule. It’s almost like all the stars have to align to ensure you get your mare to the breeding farm in time to harvest an embryo. The Equilume Light Mask ensures early reproductive success, sleek and shining show quality coats and summer vigour for competition horses.

Equilume is backed by research that allow animals to live and behave more naturally, so that they are healthier and perform better. Health benefits of blue light therapy include cleaner air, improved respiratory health and acceleration of wound healing. Studies have shown an increase in appetite, enhanced alertness and mood and better internal regulation of the horse’s body clock. Blue Light Therapy helps to utilize stored fat, increase muscle mass and extend peak performance.

If you would like more information on the Equilume line of products, please contact the clinic at or give us a call at 403-700-0818