Our Friends

People we love to work with, and how to get involved with us.

People we love to work with

When a patient arrives at Energy Equine, we love it when they bring “baggage”. We don’t mean their suitcase, but instead their history from their bodyworker, farrier, nutritionist, etc. In turn, once we have seen the horse, we are open to sharing our findings with others involved in the horse’s care. Looking at things from all sides benefits the horse in many ways. We call this “the team approach”. We will even work with these care providers on site to maximize the “meeting of the minds” or share records, x-rays, files and findings through email. The list here includes a few of the professionals that we have been lucky to work with.

Brigitte Meyer

Sara Vold

Matt Humpage

Katie Imler

Ralph & Betty O'Bray

Kasara Toth - Energy Equine Veterinary - High Performance Sports Medicine

"We are dedicated to the maintenance and support of the equine athlete through people, facilities and equipment. Passion is present in our clinic at all times."

Dr. Kasara Toth

In The Community

We are involved in the community with a number of different programs, associations and internships. We collaborate with the University of Calgary and Alberta Veterinary Medical Association among others.

Community matters, not only to us, but to the health of the industry and those we surround ourselves with. If you want to learn more about how you can get involved with Energy Equine or to learn about who we already work with contact us.

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