Building Back to the Box

A fractured pelvis would surely mean a dire sentence for a horse whose heart and try made him a top roping partner. Yet, when one particular black gelding came to the home of Amy Bardgett and Laryn Lovig, they knew there was something special about him. They turned to the team at Energy Equine and with the guidance of Dr. Kasara Toth in chiropractic care and nutrition, their great roping partner, Black, is returning stronger than ever.

Meet “Black”, an aptly named quarter horse gelding that came to Energy Equine clients, Amy Bardgett and Laryn Lovig, after suffering a fractured pelvis. A serious injury that Bardgett and Lovig were unsure when, or how, it had happened.

Bardgett recalls, “we started with our farrier, who recommended an equine body worker. After a few months our body worker felt she had reached the limit of what she could do for our boy and she referred us to Dr. Kasara Toth at Energy Equine.” Dr. Toth is one of the talented veterinarians behind Energy Equine and has a special interest in sports therapy, she holds IVCA certification in equine chiropractic.

Bardgett says that at first Dr. Toth was skeptical about his prognosis due to the severity of the injuries, but continues that, “after Dr. Toth’s first adjustments he was a different boy and by Black’s first follow up, we think that Dr. Toth saw in him what we saw in him. He is a true champion, he’s a fighter, and he was definitely not ready to be counted out!”

The fighter in Black meant that he was working hard at getting better and stronger, but this created a double-edged sword where he began losing body mass.

Bardgett recalls that, “no matter how much we fed him, it didn’t seem to make a difference.” Dr. Toth recommended that we try him on Core Balance Core Builder, she told us we wouldn’t even recognize him after a month. We were skeptical, but had to give it a try for Black.”

Core Builder is from the Core Balance line of products and supplements that Energy Equine proudly endorses and carries at the clinic. Dr. Hewlett, and the Energy Equine team, was instrumental in working alongside Core Balance to bring the equine supplement line into Canada and is now the exclusive distributor of Core Balance. Core Builder is a natural weight and muscle support supplement. It provides noticeable results, promotes better utilization of nutrition and tests legal for all disciplines.

Core Builder incorporates naturally occurring nutrients that are free of chemicals and synthetics, which support the natural athletic genetics of your equine athlete rather than forcing the horse to work outside it’s own physical capacity. The result is reduced risk of injuries and that extra boost needed to a horse coming back from injury, like Black, or a young developing horse in a training program. Core Builder increases endurance without the hormonal side effects of anabolic steroids. If you have ever had a horse that has the heart to win, but lacks endurance and strength, Core Builder is your answer.

Before putting Black on Core Builder, the gelding was struggling to keep on weight and build muscle mass.

Bardgett would have to agree, she is an enthusiastic believer in the product. “It was one of THE best decisions we ever made for him! You can see his personality shining through in his after pictures. He’s regained his swagger. He’s standing up for himself now and starting a little trouble here and there. Every once in awhile he does a little something to remind us he’s a horse, like untie himself and walk off, not too far, never hard to catch, but just enough to remind us not to take him for granted.” The most exciting part of Black’s prognosis has come recently now that he has been cleared to do what he loves, roping. 

“He has been cleared to take live steers again. Right now the focus is slow steers, and not too many because we’re still building up his muscles and stamina, but I’ve never seen a happier horse than this guy as he backed into the box with a live steer in the shoot beside him.” Bardgett says she is thrilled with how Black is doing now that he is back in light work and doing what he loves. “Watching him work, you can’t even tell he was broken. In fact when we tell people he had a fractured pelvis they are shocked! I don’t believe we would have been able to get Black this far this fast without Core Builder. We are so grateful for this product and the life it has given back to our boy!”

The entire line of Core Balance products is available through Energy Equine, contact the clinic today to discuss the different options available to ensure your equine athlete is starting strong, and finishing stronger.