About Us

Facilitating Excellence in Equine Sports Medicine.

Our team has been meticulously engineered to provide the most outstanding service to our clients and the talented equine athletes we have the honour of treating.

Our Story

What started as a one veterinarian-one truck show has evolved into a leading edge veterinary clinic and premier veterinary facility that serves Western Canada and beyond.

Dr. Chad Hewlett, who has been in practice for over 25 years, founded Energy Equine in 2006 with the specific goal of treating performance horses. At the time, Dr. Hewlett operated ambulatory out of O'Brays Equine Services in Carstairs, Alberta. Ten years later, and a few truck changes since the one-man-show days, Dr. Hewlett is still in practice but Energy Equine has grown exponentially. On July 7, 2016 Energy Equine moved into a brand new, custom designed facility just north of Airdrie, Alberta. Dr. Kasara Toth joined the Energy Equine team in 2017 and has excelled in areas of sports therapy, rehabilitation and regenerative treatments. Her passion for performance horses is evident and we are proud to have her as a pivotal member of our team. With great growth comes new names and faces and as of 2019 Energy Equine has grown to four veterinarians, including talented practitioners Dr. Becky Tees and Dr. Travis Kelter all bring a wealth of knowledge and a zealousness for exceptional customer service and veterinary care that we can't wait to expand upon. The behind-the-scenes success of the clinic is driven by a team of exceptional veterinary technicians and support staff who ensure that outstanding customer service is first and foremost to those that walk through our doors.

At Energy Equine, our slogan is #StartStrongFinishStronger, and truly, that is the ethos of the veterinary practice. Our team approach to wellness encourages and welcomes body workers, therapists and farriers to be a part of their client's veterinary care and we embrace working with these professionals to continue a heightened level of communication. We firmly stand behind the products that we carry and have chosen each one specifically for the benefits they provide horse and rider. Sports medicine and treating the equine athlete is what drives us. In areas of repair, conditioning, development and recovery, Energy Equine assesses the complete structure of the horse so that perfect balance can be achieved. The ability to apply new and cutting edge healing technologies to equine athletes, and then watch the athlete recover from a performance limiting injury and continue to successfully compete is what Energy Equine is passionate about, and what we love to do.

Energy Eqiune

Our Area of Focus

Energy Equine is a premiere veterinary clinic in Airdrie, Alberta that serves Western Canada and beyond. Our clinic is focused on providing leading edge services to our clients and their equine athletes. In areas of repair, conditioning, development and recovery, we assess the complete structure of the horse so perfect balance can be achieved. Dr. Chad Hewlett has built his practice primarily around the soundness and locomotion of the horse, and is well known in his field for providing results and applying effective strategies to obtain optimum results for the client. Our team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians and support staff further embody this belief and passion for performance horses and sports medicine. At any stage of your horse's life, and for any discipline or level you may compete in, our cutting-edge and innovative therapies, services, products and strategies offer options to improve the overall performance and well-being of your horse.

We value and honour the communication lines established between veterinarian and owner, and encourage open discussion between the client's farrier and bodyworkers. It can often take a team approach to fully understand the story your animal has to tell. We embrace the team approach to equine wellness to facilitate excellence within the equine community.